This little piggy went to market…

Big ups to Mike King!

To be honest, I’ve never really liked the guy’s humour, and have especially not liked the sexist stuff alongside Tony Veitch, Matthew Ridge etc on Game of Two Halves.

But Mike King has had a bit of an awakening, after actually visiting a pig farm.


King says the pigs looked “despairing, terrified and lost”. He says you could hear them, and smell them from “from a mile way.”

King was still under contract with the Pork Board when he was made aware of the situation. He says he felt relived after they terminated his contract. “They did me one huge favour,” he says.

He says he felt “guilty as hell,” after seeing the living conditions, and didn’t expect this to happen in “clean, green New Zealand.”

The farm was filmed by animal rights group Open Rescue and footage shown to Agriculture Minister David Carter, who said he wasn’t aware of the extent to which pigs were confined.

So, come on David Carter, what are you going to do about it?

Please help us convince the Minister to do his job by enforcing the law to protect animals in New Zealand from cruelty.

UPDATE: The Standard have just published the video of Mike King’s actual pig farm visit. A warning – it’s even more shocking than the Open Rescue video above.


3 thoughts on “This little piggy went to market…

  1. I met with and talked too Mike King, at length, several months back and the guy’s experienced an epiphany as the result of a serious health scare. He’s developed a heart and a conscience. This ‘move’ comes as no surprise to me and I don’t expect him to resile from his position. He has, it seems, a passion for justice now.

  2. I’ve been vegetarian since I was fourteen because I find factory farming of animals so sicking. I think one day most people will look upon factory farming with the same revulsion that we now look upon slavery.

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