Cyclical thinking

What an odd path the progress of the cycleway has taken! It’s wound it’s way in and out of favour with the public and the politicians, gone from big idea to neglected concept, ruffled the feathers of those red-necks who’ve habitually scoffed at the cycling crowd and excited the low-impact transport fraternity. We’ve even witnessed a major slap-down of the Finance Minister over the cycleway – Bill English having to eat his words and a serving of John Key’s crow, over his, ‘Not this year, next year or the year after that’ blurt on Q&A.

Looks like Key is digging his heels in and we’ll get at least a fractured version of the One Cycleway, with various councils supporting the development of local versions of the Big One.

Still, to date, not one metre has been laid, not one job created, so don’t break out your puncture repair outfits, trouser clips and saddle-sore ointments just yet.

You can’t though, get away from the feeling that the green movement stands to gain from cycleways, no matter what political contorting was involved in their creation.


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