Glug glug

Just a quick note that you can now view Metiria’s speech to Drinking Liberally, “Could the Marxist-Leninist Anarcha-Feminist Maori Nationalist Random Trollop please EXPLAIN!”. It’s a nice history of Metiria’s political life, and a great practical example of how just labelling a person repeatedly makes them seem much more extreme than they are. (I’m looking at you, Chris Trotter.) It’s also an honest and frank story about how she developed her current beliefs and what she regrets about being an anarchist activist, told in a way I think many people would appreciate from a politician. Good on you Meyt!

Looking forward to seeing the lefties again this Thursday as I can finally make it for the first time in about a month- if you’re interested in coming along for the first time, you can see Sue Bradford and a bunch of other friendly faces at the Southern Cross bar, 5:30-7:00pm. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Glug glug

  1. If anyone wants to say hi to me there, I’ll be the tall young man in the stripey jacket. I promise to be more intimidated by you than the other way around. 😉

  2. I really enjoyed that talk. Despite knowing Meyt really well, I still learnt quite a lot. Perfect cup of tea break!

    Looking forward to seeing Sue’s talk.

  3. I really wish I could’ve made it- but I don’t think my brother would’ve been impressed if I hadn’t shown up on his birthday 😉

  4. Damn! Missing two good talks ‘cos I’m outta town … would’ve been nice to cath up f2f, Ari.
    Perhaps I could get a burnt copy of Meyt’s talk from you? Explain later …

    Haven’t got great internet where I am at the mo’, so I’ll listen to the link when I get hm! 😉

  5. I ended up being late enough to be stuck in the back. Looks like some of the Labour regulars gave this one a miss. Was good to see Zachary there, although I didn’t get a chance to say hi.

    Sue B’s speech was pretty good, although I could tell not all the labour crowd were very impressed 😉

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