$4.27 per km – this is what a new walker saves the health system

And it’s $2.14 per km for cyclists, according to a new NZTA report.

Only half of this amount for established walkers and cyclists, but still, it’s had me totting up my dollars contributed to the economy as I walk to the supermarket or down the hill to town. And Arlo Guthrie keeps whispering in my ear, “Just imagine if fifty people a day in this suburb decided to walk instead of drive to walk each day. Fifty people a day! My friends, you may think it’s a movement, and it is, the get fit and healthy, destress, avoid parking hassle and save us all money walk everywhere movement.”

And how long until these figures of active transport as an economic benefit start working their way into the transport planning departments in our local and national organisations? It’s worth mentioning in your submission to your Long Term Community Council Plan. And it shows how daft is a GDP model that includes lack of fitness and its health burdens as an economic positive.

3 thoughts on “$4.27 per km – this is what a new walker saves the health system

  1. Don’t forget documentation –

    57 eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with an annotation on each one, and the judge walks in with his seeing-eye-dog … and I tell you, it’s just another typical case of American blind justice …


  2. I’ve already taken the 48 coloured glossy photos, with the circles and arrows and the paragraph on the back of each one explaining what it was about.. Only room for a couple in the submission though.

  3. That is oarsome — I saved us all about $20 bucks today.

    But what we need is a feedback loop so that the city gets some reward for increasing the health savings. As it is, it doesn’t any difference to the city administration one way or another.

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