Strike three, and out!

Strike 1

Attorney-General Chris Finlayson reports that ACT MP David Garrotte‘s Three Strikes Bill has an apparent inconsistency with the New Zealand Bill of Right’s Act.

Strike 2

Garrotte’s Three Strikes Bill criticied by the United Nations Human Rights Council as likely to violate two human rights conventions.

Strike 3

Garrotte caught out lying in his claim that 77 lives would have been saved if his Three Strikes Bill had been in force. Official information responses from the Corrections Department reveal there would have been none.

Having copped his third strike on the Bill, David Garrett should withdraw it and resign from Parliament.

But just for good measure, as Tane at The Standard has just pointed out, the Garrotte has also now been caught out lying to his own supporters.

Time to go, David.

2 thoughts on “Strike three, and out!

  1. Your strike three is incorrect.

    OIA requests from corrections show Garrett’s Three Strikes Bill would have saved 77 lives. A different OIA request showed that National’s three strikes bill would have saved no lives.

    However even that OIA (or at least the interpretation put on it) was wrong, as there are also consequences on the second strike under both bills, and Graeme Burton at least would have received life without parole and wouldn’t have been out to kill again.

    That said, three strikes is still a bad idea, but I wonder why you attack the messenger like this?

  2. The three strike outline above is a cheap shot to sum up ones participating in the political arena. All three strike stated centered on the Bill submitted. The Bill is for MPs is to discuss it merit and creditability as Law for NZ.

    So, come on get a life and give David a chance to established NZ parameters for his legal practise and environment.

    Freedom of speech is such a deadly weapons at times eh? …..wowowwwwooooww.

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