Somebody’s gonna get their dick chopped off tonight

I can’t believe the male paranoia!

Catherine Delahunty, in a well reasoned Frogblog post criticising Paul Henry’s sexist comments on Stephanie Mills’ facial hair, used the term “scrotum shrivelling”.

And it got a reaction. Resident right-wing frogblog troll BluePeter commented:

As for “scrotum shrivelling”, I guess some Green MPs are on exactly the same level as Paul Henry.

And wannabe/hasbeen Green philu who loves animals but seems to hate almost everyone in the Green Party and everywhere else commented:

oh..1..really..? would you equally approve uterus-shrivelling..? ‘a brilliant turn of phrase’..?

Hey guys, time to get the genital armour in place! Because I’m proposing that Catherine, who has considerable musical talent, form a band. I (who have no musical talent) will manage them. We’ll call them Catherine and the Scrotum Shrivellers. I like the name – a bit like Bobby Boris Picket and the Crypt Kickers from the 70s.

And the first single? Well, a remake of this, perhaps? But with the lyrics rewritten slightly, including the song title and chorus being revised to the title of this post:

Come on guys – get a grip. Your perceived feminist conspiracy ain’t really all that threatening. Or is it?


4 thoughts on “Somebody’s gonna get their dick chopped off tonight

  1. why don’t you call the band..

    catherine and the flesh-eating greens..?

    or..’the walking self-delusionist/oxymorons’..?

    or ‘the green pretenders’.?

    or..if you love obviously does catherine.. about ‘catherine..and the other carnivores’..?

    and are well suited to manage them/cook the barbie for them..


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