Dear Dominion Post

Please stop running misogynist rape-apologist columns as if they’re legitimate political commentary on ACC, and not passive-aggressive socialised violence against not only the half of the population that is far more likely to be raped, but also against any other adult victims of rape that might need our help and support. That is all.

(Consensual) hugs and kisses,

ps: Yes, this does mean I’ll have more identity politics stuff both here and over on my own blog now.

6 thoughts on “Dear Dominion Post

  1. Seconded.

    Thanks for ranting first, Ari.
    I’d spotted this but for reasons of my own personal conflict-of-interest, wasn’t going to put it out in public.

  2. George:

    Write them a letter, but make it smart and funny and make it question them. Angry ranty letters are good for columnists, but letters that make their columnists look like morons, and the paper by reflection for running said columns, are a good way of speaking to the wider audience. (That is, assuming they run your letter- odds aren’t that great, they’ve only run one of mine and I’ve sent them six or so)

  3. The Dompost haven’t run any of mine since I wrote in and abused the editorial team (in a not-for-publication letter to the editors) for slandering a friend of mine in print.

    I did rather gleefully attend the Fairfax contempt trial hearings last year, & watch Tim Pankhurst being slowing roasted on a spit by the Judges. 😉

  4. They ran one of mine about watching National’s trusts. The ones they ignored were all about Green or green issues or identity politics of some sort or another.

    Fortunately I’ve yet to have any friends slandered, (or is it libel? 🙂 ) but I imagine I’d want to write that sort of letter too in your shoes. 🙂

  5. I had correspondence with them the other day (no idea if it was published, they checked me though) on prison rape. Still worth a try.

    As Ari says, the letters page is a contested ground, where they make the rules.

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