Drinking Liberally Dunedin Launch

Finally someone in Dunedin has organised a drinking liberally details below. Might see you there! Tuesday, 7pm 3/3/09 at Velvet Underground (cnr Stuart St and Octagon); The maths geek in me can’t help but think this is an auspicious date!

I wanted to let you know that a new Drinking Liberally chapter will start in
Dunedin on Tuesday March 3. Drinking Liberally is an informal, progressive
drinking club with hundreds of chapters across the world.

Here is an email announcement about our new chapter. We’d love to have
interested members from your organization join us.


Come raise your spirits as you raise a pint as New Zealand’s network of
progressive drinking clubs arrives in Dunedin. Drinking Liberally is an
informal, non-programmatic gathering of like-minded left-leaners, an
opportunity to share you ideas while you share a drink. You don’t need to be
a seasoned activist or policy wonk to join us in meeting new friends,
reconnecting with old ones, and enjoying a stiff mix of socializing with a
dash of politics.

Our first special guest is Green MP Keith Locke.

Drinking Liberally has become a fast-growing phenomenon, now offering social
space for progressive pint-pourers in all major centres in New Zealand.

Come and raise a toast to some bottoms-up democracy!
The Revolution begins at Happy Hour.

Tuesday, 7pm
The Velvet Underground

Hosted by Chris Baxter, Taryn McGarry, Matthew Stephen and Luke Stewart.
Questions? Email dunedin@drinkingliberally.org or call 021 253 9308.

4 thoughts on “Drinking Liberally Dunedin Launch

  1. OMG!!! I cant believe u people! I’m from america and I love, foetuses, the flag, the costitution, lethal injections, closing the border, winning the war on terror, the baby jesus,long walks on the beach in the moonlight, family values, abstinence,the 12 apostles,the virgin mary, protestantism, pat robertson, Glenn Beck,the founding fathers, the tea party movement,the alimo, mount rushmore, the sanctity of marriage,the challenger and especially ronald reagan.

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