Urgency eats Member’s Day

This week, Wednesday disappeared (also known as Member’s Day, where backbenchers, the opposition, and support parties get a fair shake at passing laws- in other words, it’s the day for non-government business) down the gullet of National’s shocking sense of urgency: the house has been under urgency all week, hearing bills the government does not want the public to hear in select committee, so it can hold onto its 48% momentum for as long as possible.

While I’m usually a big supporter of the opposition not obstructing government process, this is clearly an exception. Labour need to take the gloves off and deal to this before National think they’re entitled to enter urgency whenever it suits them- and I’ve got a lovely suggestion courtesy of Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn: mirror their own protest when Labour tried to do the same thing to them, and file leave to table each and every standing order each time the government enters non-essential urgency. There’s a good 397, so there’s a good ten or so rounds of Labour MPs to go through before such a gesture would finish.

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