G’day mate, welcome to Telecom.

Good old Telecom.  Many large corporates would not be so generously internationalist in their view.  But our very own Telecom is giving Filipinos and Filipinas the chance to acquire our highly respected Kiwi accent and culture by shifting a call centre from New Zealand to the Philippines and training up 250 Filipina workers to replace New Zealanders who previously did the job.  And teaching them to talk just like Kiwis, and talk about Kiwi things. By why of good karma it happens to save Telecom about $25,000 per call centre worker or around about $6.4 million in total wages.

And should the market for Filipino and Filipina call centre workers ever become unsustainable Telecom can always outsource to a lower wage economy knowing they leave behind 250 Filipino and Filapina workers with the immensely marketable international skills of squashed English vowels and rising inflections, a solid understanding of the respective merits of the Canterbury and Auckland back-lines and an up-to-date plot synopsis of Shortland Street.

Ironically I see Telecom chair, Wayne Boyd, is off to John Key’s job summit – presuamably to give a case study to his fellow board chairs in shedding jobs as soon as the opportunity arises.

UPDATE – check out Anna’s post at the Hand Mirror, who has a more detailed analysis than I, and also Kiwiblog who had the story three days ago (when it was actually news).


One thought on “G’day mate, welcome to Telecom.

  1. So for eight, or probably more, hours per day, the call centre workers have to give up their language and culture and pretend to be something they’re not. And be paid less than someone who has that culture in the first place.

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