Prime Minister Live

Did anyone happen to catch the interview with John Key on Campbell Live last night? The P.M. let slip that he was looking favourably at re-instituting the Green Homes Insulation Fund… after his party voted to scrap it on the flimsy excuse that it was not funded by the previous government.

Is anyone else getting the distinct impression that our government is getting increasingly schizophrenic in its attempts to remain popular? As much as the idea of internal National Party strife between the right wing and the centre wing tickles me, I’d prefer it not to happen while they’re a recession-time government.

6 thoughts on “Prime Minister Live

  1. If so, it’s a good thing. I won’t complain, I’ll celebrate.

    It’ll make up in small part for the other damage they’re doing to the environment.

  2. I certainly won’t complain that they’re being sensible, but I’d like to be a little less worried about internal strife in our government during a recession.

    That said, if this is a stable move to the centre, that should be positive for New Zealand as a whole. Part of my inclination to be tickled by this development comes from the potential in National moving to the centre, as I think it opens up far more areas for us to work together.

  3. Umm in what planet is not having the $1 billion needed to pay for the policy a “flimsy excuse”????

    A promise without a spending commitment is worthless. What Labour promised was worthless, as they did not put money aside for it.

    Next time you do a deal with Labour, I suggest you make sure you get a signed and sealed Cabinet minute agreeing to the appropriation to be included in the Budget.

  4. Hey David-

    The excuse is flimsy because this is a money-saving policy that’s worth about $2 in energy and health savings for every dollar spent. You’d need to borrow at a pretty ridiculous interest rate for that not to be a very obviously good investment. In fact, the policy could be easily extended to allow for interest-free loans to insulate ANY existing house. This would be a more attractive route for national as it would be more widely targetted, while our deal was more narrow.

    Next time you do a deal with Labour, I suggest you make sure you get a signed and sealed Cabinet minute agreeing to the appropriation to be included in the Budget.

    We didn’t do a deal with Labour, we ruled out coalitions with or abstentions for National due to extreme policy differences. I also find it extremely silly to suggest that just because something was our policy originally means you have a right to dump it: surely it should need to be a bad idea from National’s point of view first?

  5. Durr, you were talking about the ETS deal. Sorry, I’ve been dealing with lots of sour grapes types with misconceptions about our coalition stance lately. Apologies.

    As for cabinet minutes- that wouldn’t exactly help when an incoming government seems set on reversing the previous agenda regardless of any merit to it 😉

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