highly predictable

The New Zealand Herald this morning heralds:

Big traffic jams as toll road opens

Thousands of motorists who flocked to try out the $385 million road before electronic tolling begins at midnight tonight faced gridlock along all but the first 400m of its 7.5km route between Orewa and Puhoi.

$385 million for 7.5km is not that bad – it’s only a tad more than $50 per millimetre.

Meanwhile NZPA is announces:

Motorway improvements put in the fast lane

Improvements to the new toll road north of Auckland have been shot into the fast lane by miffed Prime Minister John Key, after traffic jams clogged it at the weekend.

Ah, the Prime Minister to the rescue! That first $385 million didn’t quite do the trick. Quoting our man johnkey slightly out of context I note that he was reported as saying the whole thing was “highly predictable”.

It was not good enough, Mr Key told reporters at his post cabinet briefing today.

Transport Minister Stephen Joyce had been told to sort the problem out.

At $50 per millimetre I wonder quite how much we will need to pay for Mr Joyce to sort out the problem? I suspect the result will, again, be highly predictable.


2 thoughts on “highly predictable

  1. I heard tell that TV footage showed a lot of smartly-dressed people driving ‘vanity cars’ stuck in that traffic jam.

    Toll roads, the new conspicuous consumption?

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