Ellipsis magazine launch

I’m having a social day, and thought it was time to do another post about something fresh and creative happening in the comics/graphic novel scene here in Wellington.

This is what an Ellipsis looks like...

This is what an Ellipsis looks like...

Kieran Clarkin is the inventive genius behind this little mag, a graphic novel of sorts starring a Gecko Detective, named Arthur Deco. (yeah, it’s gonna be Art Deco for shure, sometime along, ain’t it?) He’s got Daniel Scudder and David Randall Peters doing the inks and colours, which sets him apart from the usual run of zinesters and comix producers in Wellington, as most of them are DIY compulsives who don’t let anyone else touch their babies. And it’s all done under a creative commons license.

The other thing that sets Clarkin apart is his plan to issue one a month, so Issue One’s launch at Red Tomatoes, just a hop & a skip from VUW Kelburn Campus, started this ambitious program off in the style to which it obviously intends to become accustomed. A who’s who of the ‘young artsy-writing crowd’ people were there, heavy on the ex-Salient, VBC, and music/theatre & film school networks. There was talk of the next issue release being combined with a performance by the band Clarkin has been playing in at Happy Bar, as a way of keeping interest up. Multi-talented, then.

The project has taken two years to get to fruition, during which time Clarkin worked on the writing, and realised he “can’t draw a bath”; nonetheless, he has produced issue one, has drawing talent lined up for issue two, and is on the scout for more artists. He aims to publish six issues in the current run.

As is usual these days, the magazine has it’s own Facebook page, fans, and events notices, so if you want to see where it’s going, have a look here Ellipsis on FB
Physical copies of the magazine are being stocked at Graphic in Cuba Mall, and Space Thing in Newtown, as well as comic shops in other centres.


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