Making Work

Over at The Standard IrishBill has shared his top three ideas for the Jobs Summit. Nice to see him crediting the Green’s Insulation scheme, and also another top Green Favourite rail. I thought I would share some ideas of my own. They would be balanced to cater to our existing infrastructure in the short term with long term projects based around shifting our economy to more sustainable measures.

Obvious the Insulation scheme would be top of the agenda. Since it has been announced there have been some thought put into implementation. The Dunedin City Council has a proposal to insulate street by street. Maximising gains from the bulk nature of the project, for instance buying container loads of insulation and ‘parking’ them on the side of the streets getting done. This would make use of the faltering building sector. Also like IrishBill I would look at investment in the Railways, due to the centralised nature it would be another area that could be fast off the ground.

My points of difference would be IT and the rural/agriculture sector.

A revolution in software in New Zealand, as the government goes open source. Take all the money paid in license fee’s to Microsoft that vanishes off shore and instead invest in local software companies. This would start a massive boom in the local software industry. Ensure that care is made to enable resulting software to be suitable for developing countries. This would be combined with the installation of ducting in urban areas to carry fibre/cables, and progressive installation of fibre. To prevent an urban rural digital divide, satellite combined with wireless Internet for rural areas, following up on the initiatives started by Fonterra.

For the rural regions, funding to set up regional research centres. These are to be the front line in keeping NZ on the top of agricultural science. Their mandate would be to talk and learn. Concentrating on the practical. on farm trials would be encouraged, they would be funded to in addition to research completed providing resources to farmers so that each farmer can keep on the forefront. Organics would be a focus, as would be making the most of the new data connectivity. A major theme would be adapting to a changing climate. This would be tied in with massive investment in bio-security to prevent further invasions. Reinstating the bio fuel quota with inclusion of a clause excluding fuels made that direct compete for resources essential for food production. Shift all 1080 application to areas that can’t be accessed on foot, for all accessible areas pump trappers and shooters in, this would include targeting rabbits.

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