Protest against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza

In response to the actions of the Israeli Defense Forces in bombarding the Gaza strip, there was a protest this afternoon which gathered outside MFAT in Lambton Quay at midday.
A letter was presented to a representative of the Ministry, to be given to Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully, demanding that NZ expressed a position on the actions of the Israeli Government.

Presenting WPG's letter to MFAT officials.

Presenting WPG's letter to MFAT officials.

[full text of the letter can be read here WPG’s blog ]
After presenting the letter, the assembled protesters marched along Lambton Quay, Willis Street and Mercer St to Civic Square, converging on the plaque in Harris St adjacent to the Public Library commemorating Yitzhak Rabin, former Prime Minister of Israel.
Lead banner of protest

Lead banner of protest

There Don Carson spoke about the effects of separatist policy on the Palestinian peoples in Israel, and red paint was symbolically sprinkled on the memorial in lieu of blood.
Rabin memorial being daubed with red paint.

Rabin memorial being daubed with red paint.

Approximately 500 people attended this march.
Speakers included members of the Wellington Palestine Group, Green MP Keith Locke, and entertainer Te Kupu, aka Dean Hapeta, one half of the Upper Hutt Posse.

The Herald notes that Hon Mr McCully has developed a position here.
And here’s Guy Body’s contribution to the discussion.


2 thoughts on “Protest against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza

  1. Why was it necessary to vandalise the Rabin memorial?

    You people make me laugh, you are so blinded by your hatred of capitalism and the USA in particular that you refuse to see what is really happening.

    As soon as the Hamas terrorists stop sending rockets into Israel there is a fair chance the retaliation will cease, of course you still have the little matter of Hama’s determination to “wipe Israel” off the map but the left do not seem to worry about that to much.

    Personally I hope that the Israeli army keep going until the have totally eliminated the Hamas terrorists.

  2. BB:

    Over 700 Palestinian dead since the bombardment began, 75+ of those children, killed by Israeli weapons.
    5 Israeli soldiers killed by Hamas weapons.

    I’m sorry, who are the aggressors here?
    Israel has proven itself to be a State hell-bent on genocide.

    Many European countries are strongly condemning the attacks, with French President Nicholas Sarcozy attempting to initiate mediation talks.

    Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the press of the rest of the Western World, starting with the French, Italian, German, Spanish, or even British newspapers? There is a UN resolution of long standing being defied by Israel in pursuing this bombardment.

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