Happy New Year

Well must say it has been awesome taking a break from the virtual world for a bit but I thought I would pop back in from the beautiful sunny weather cooking Dunedin at the moment to say Happy New Year. I like new year. You don’t have to avoid shops because they are playing carols. It is not a signal for a consumer advertising campaign – unless you count gym memberships. There are no New Years Greeting Cards you feel obliged to reply to.  Thinking positively and looking at what New Year actually is it just gets better. It is a symbol for many of a chance to start again. It falls in our summer and is spend by many relaxing. As to its origins I can’t think of any other holidays that are based solely around an abstract idea.

It is beleived the the original reasons for keeping calendar’s were biological. There are the original seekers and fortune tellers givening warning about the approach of cyclic events. Calendars are historically based around astronomical cycles: the period of the earths orbit, the moons orbit and for a few the appearance of venus in the sky. The struggle to align the physical with the abstract and to record it accurately has been one of the more interesting journey’s in Maths and Astronomy. I invite you to pop over to wikipedia and check out some of the many calendars that have been used over the years.

ps. Don’t miss Matinee Idle afternoons on National Radio.


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