We’re all extremists here

Wow, so I was catching up with the other blogs and found this jaw-dropping piece over at Queen of Thorns’ place where the editor of the National Business Review literally compares greenpeace and animal rights activists to terrorists. Even Oliver can’t believe it- check out his double-take to the camera.

How do people with such extreme blindspots to wider society “earn” their way onto publications which are taken so seriously in New Zealand? When did we, as a country, stop believing in fairness, open-mindedness, and for that matter, promotion by merit? Is business here seriously turning into some right-wing elitists club where you have to view unionists and protestors as terrorists to succeed? Because that has very, very scary implications, beyond just the obvious worries over such a black-and-white worldview where everyone is either good productive citizens or destructive terrorists intent on destroying every single thing good about society.


4 thoughts on “We’re all extremists here

  1. You’ve got to love the audacity that he thinks it’s a good idea to agree when asked if we should be spying on groups purely because they cost businesses money.

  2. I saw this a couple of days ago, and laughed myself silly – I’ve seen Oliver acting all kinds of characters, but his ‘gob-smacked by bigotry’ interviewer here was one of his best, most natural looks.

    It may even have been exactly what he was thinking, coming through clearly all over his face, in a moment of rare sincerity. (Treasure that thought!)

    And doesn’t it just put the NBR squarely into the demographic of ‘nasty, brutish and bigoted rich people’ ?

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