Bad taste blog of the year

Well, I thought the bad taste blog of the year would likely belong to Whaleoil. But right on Christmas Eve, David Farrar has plumbed the depths.

For no apparent reason, and with no substantive commentary under the supposed “humour” category, Farrar has posted a piss-take video of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” – the title: “All I want for Christmas is Jews.

And the lyrics include:

…boys with a big schtick…

…and the big box office makes Jews millionaires…

They may have killed our Saviour,
That’s not the best behaviour,
That’s okay he rose three days later.

Now, like DPF, I’m not a religious person. But this stuff is simply not funny. It is blatant racial stereotyping of Jewish people, as well as lacking historical accuracy – by all accounts I have read, it was the Roman occupiers of Palestine and their Jewish collaborators, rather than representatives of the Jewish people, who were responsible for the death of Jesus.

So why, DPF, did you have to post this piece of racist drivel, likely to offend both Jews and Christians, at all – let alone on the eve of a significant Christian festival?

11 thoughts on “Bad taste blog of the year

  1. I think David Farrar simply has a sense of humour… he posted the video after obviously spotting it on my blog (hence the “Hat Tip”. I’d say it is highly unlikely to offend “Jews”, especially not those in the US where the stand-up troupe originate.

    The clip was forwarded to me by a Jewish mate in New York, and going by the many comments from his Jewish friends under the embedded clip on his Facebook page, they think it is amusing as well…

  2. Probably not Ari, but posting it on Chistmas Eve isn’t a good look. There’s probably stuff on other blogs that are far worse, but this is well below DPF’s usual standard.

  3. Laughing at stereotypes is not racism per se. I would say most Jews (and I am half Jewish by bloodline) would find the clip very funny.

    All humour can be found offensive by someone somewhere. I imagine Billy T James offended some people also.

  4. toad – seriously? I’m Jewish, and pretty used to being on the recieving end of antisemitism, but this is satire. For what its worth, I thought it was crap and didn’t laugh once, but it’s definitely not offensive in any way, shape or form.

  5. I agree with Asher, neither offensive nor funny. I can’t understand Farrar’s humour, often he thinks things are so brilliant and yet when I watch or read it, I am always disappointed….so I usually bypass the “humour” posts and stick to his polticial ones. Whaleoil on the other hand…offensive and brilliant. He can be rightly peeved at missing out on this year’s award!

  6. Hmm, dpf, whaleoil, asher: The reference in the video to “They may have killed our Saviour, That’s not the best behaviour, That’s okay he rose three days later”, reinforces the myth that the Jews, rather than the Romans, were wholly or substantially responsible for the death of Jesus. That myth is the substantial basis for Christian anti-Semitism – from the First Crusade to the Third Reich. Millions of Jews have died over the centuries because of that myth, so I don’t think reinforcing it, even under the guise of humour, is either funny or responsible.

  7. Yeah, I’m with Toad on this one – DPF may find it funny, along with Louden and Michael Laws, to take a poke at ethnic groups he considers to be underdogs and “good sports” – it’s not the content of the clip, but the timing and the spin, that I find questionable.

    Obligatory history/literature lesson: re-quoting Dietrich Bonhoffer, “…and then they came for me, and there was nobody left to speak up.”

    DPF’s commentary on this is the thin end of a wedge of anti-semitic distortion that has continued down the millennia, to tragic consequences for the inhabitants of ghettos in many centuries. Not just the one within our living memory.

  8. toad – I say that all the time! Anyone who hangs out with me for long enough (especially around Christmas or Easter) will hear me say something along the lines of “Yeah, my people killed your god, and I’m damn proud of it. I’d do it again if he came back!”

    It’s called humour….

    Anyway, as Bakunin said: “If there was a god, it would be necessary to abolish him”

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