If you ignore him he’ll go away

My mother always told me it was true that if you ignore someone they’ll go away, but it’s nice to have first hand evidence:

Porn king Steve Crow has vented his naked anger at miserly Wellington residents, saying this year’s Boobs on Bikes parade and sexpo was the first and the last in the city.

Mr Crow has ditched the sex festivities in the city after fewer than 6000 people attended the Erotica Lifestyle Expo.

Not sure why he is angry at us though.  We never asked for him to leave Auckland and give us a visit.  He seemed to think he was some missionary coming to show us heathens the marvels of the first world. As it turns out Wellingtonians have perfectly healthy porn local industry and aren’t that stimulated by his efforts at colonisation. I loved Green city councillor Celia Wade-Brown’s dismissive comment at the end of the article:

The event was “not really Wellington’s scene”.


2 thoughts on “If you ignore him he’ll go away

  1. And dear GOD was the Wellington sexpo rubbish. But I’m sure *that* has nothing to do with its lack of success, must be all those prudish Wellingtonians.

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