Dairy Exports

Just looking at Dairy exports for last year. A staggering 154% increase (by value) in exports going to Venezuela. This puts Venezuela as our second top export destination for Dairy! Who would have thought. Exports to Cuba also increased by 139% but off a smaller base leaving it ranked 21. Increase in total exports from $7,466 million  to $9,836 million in last year. Interesting to know how much of that is due to value fluctuations and how much is volume.

2007 Rank Country % of Exports of Dairy (Year ending June 08)
1 United States of America 8.34%
11 Venezuela 6.3%
2 Japan 5.88%
3 Philippines 5.69%
7 Saudi Arabia 5.28%
5 Mexico 5.06%
9 Malaysia 4.77%
6 Australia 4.73%
4 China, People’s Republic of 4.47%
8 Indonesia 4.15%

Interesting to note that dairy exports are earning almost double that of meat exports.

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