More Haste, Less Speed

So while the election is over, Parliament is now in session, and promising cabinet choices and reassuring speeches to other leaders have segued into the National Party doing what it always does. So much for “a change”, so much for a more moderate or centrist National. Instead, we have a government that is trying to ram through one of its most contentious policies right at the start under urgency so it doesn’t stop them getting started on their new agenda before christmas, hoping that the retail consumerism of the season will sufficiently distract the populace, and praying they don’t kill their journalistic honeymoon early by inviting pundits to point out that this is not the same legislation as Wayne Mapp’s member’s bill, and that it needs its own consultation time.

And that’s not all- their new law designed to institute a “probationary period” where any reason for firing is automatically accepted as performance-based is not the only law they’re passing under urgency. A whole package of laws still being drafted, and some are so incomplete that they don’t even have titles. This package has been successfully placed on the order paper and will be debated under urgency without anyone being able to see them until they are first read in parliament.

For a party that claimed it was going to do a better job of being consultative and not ignoring the views of ordinary New Zealanders, the National Party is sure off to a bad start. Hopefully this issue gets the attention it deserves, and the National Party wakes up to how incredibly stupid this move is for a party that (some of us had thought) was going to try and play the long game.

(A hat tip to IrishBill at The Standard for covering this first. Alas, I am too slow. 🙂 )


5 thoughts on “More Haste, Less Speed

  1. Hey Ari –

    I went in to have a look at the new team in Parliament yesterday afternoon – it was depressing to see the same grandstanding from the public gallery. I had a read of the order paper, went home & delayed writing anything.

    Then a unionist of my acquaintance texted me to say that the 90-day bill was going through under urgency.

    Already, Unite! union is mobilising young workers around the country to picket workplaces where this bill will be used to further discriminate against them, & strip them of holiday pay, sick leave, & overtime allowances, all in the name of propping up the over-mortgaged businesses of people who should not have been given a bank loan in the first place.

    ‘Keeping people in work’ is not the same as ‘keeping them on with starvation wages’, so that employers can still pay for their 3-week pacific island vacation over christmas, and offer a ‘healthy’ profit dividend to investors.

    Dompost article on this:

  2. That’s funny, I actually wrote this before Russel’s piece was linked up on RSS. 🙂

    edit: Apparently Katie is stuck in moderation for some reason. Do we have a friendly admin around? 🙂

  3. @Ryan – National have support from ACT and United Dunne, so don’t need the Maori Party’s support on this or any other bill.

    There is likely to be a lot of legislation like this, and the Maori Party will find themselves voting against it and weakening further their influence in Government, or voting for it and incurring the wrath of their constituents who do not support it.

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