Celebrate Climate Action at Waitangi Park on Saturday 6th December!

[spam for Wellingtonians, challenge to other centres – post what’s happening where you are, please?]

350 parts per million (ppm) is the safe concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the planet. The current global concentration is 387ppm and increasing at 2ppm each year. Let’s turn it around!

Waitangi Park will be a-buzz on Saturday (6 December), from 11am-4pm with activities for the 350 Climate Action Festival including “a ‘super shopper sprint’ and ‘350 frocks on bikes’, games, live music, and more than 30 interactive and food stalls. Bring a picnic or get a feed from the ‘sustainable’ hangi!
• Live music from Olmecha Supreme, My Golden Soul, Tommy & Over the Atlantic
• Local community and school based activities and information areas.
Visit: www.350.org.nz for more details. Come on down, see ya there!

350 Frocks on bikes
At 3.50pm, on Dec 6th, 350 frock wearing ladies will ride their bicycles from the festival, Waitangi Park. Put on your frock and ride! Visit

Take sustainable transport* to the festival and be in the draw to win an overnight trip for two to Kapiti Island.
*Sustainable transport includes: bus, train, walking, ferry, cycling, carpooling, skating, rollerblading. Verification may be required.

Events leading up to the 350 Festival
350 at Parliament
On Thursday 4th Dec, at 3.50pm young people are converged on Parliament to show that we want urgent and genuine action on climate change. They formed an outline of the figure 350 with human bodies.

Kindly sponsored by:
Wellington City Council; Greater Wellington Regional Council; British Council; VUWSA; Ministry for the Environment; WWF; Victoria University of Wellington, School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences; NIWA, The Royal Society of NZ.


Having made it out into the brilliant sunshine of today, I’ll just skite that this was the best event I’ve been to yet! (I was in Auckland last year, attending the event co-hosted by Greenpeace’s Climate Tour Bus; incidentally couch-surfing in a flat that some of them live in, but that was due to other circumstances!)
Huge props to the 350 crew, and their leader Aaron Packard, who has gone from strength to strength as one of the leading lights in the VUW Gecko ‘EnvironMental’ group in the past couple of years. I can see more great things coming from this young man and his many able and enthusiastic collaborators – it was great to be a small part of this event, helping to run the Greens’ stall for a part of the afternoon.

Entertainment flowed throughout the day on the big stage; the various stunts – ‘super shopper sprint’, ‘frocks on bikes’, and my favourite, the Greens ‘head in the sand’ at Oriental Bay beach, all went off with lots of enthusiastic participants, and no worries.

Pix are up on Facebook, so go here.
I’m not up for loading the lot up twice!

Go on, have a look, and tag yourselves silly …


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