And at the last minute…

As covered on Frogblog and The Standard, National has announced that it doesn’t want the electorate to decide what to do about the EFA on its own and is unilaterally scrapping the EFA and all its reviews, ironically in favour of a more “bipartisan” (see my last post) approach. As if what political parties have to say ought to matter more than what the people say directly.

In addition to that, they’re up to old Labour-National gamey tricks, and have pushed out this press release at 4pm to keep it as quiet as they can possibly manage, a common trick to try to bury things you feel will be unpopular.

It’s almost to tempting to say we should just ban political press releases after 3pm so the news has a chance to put forward a decent story on it all before it gets buried by tomorrow’s detritus.


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