The Chathams from space

This is the furthermost corner of Rongotai turning green (just like the rest of the electorate):

Funnily enough there were only a few candidate forums in Rongotai but the two that I went along to people at both quizzed the candidates extensively about what they would do for the people of the Chatham Islands.  And the candidates from Labour, National and the Greens were all very well informed on the issues facing people on the Chathams. (Notably affordable energy generation, infrastructure development and control of their fisheries).

It must be easy to feel a bit politically forgotten out there on the Chathams but it did seem that the three Rongotai candidates who continue on as MPs this term had all given significant thought to what they would do to work for the people of the Chathams.  It’s interesting that, in one sense, the Chathams now have three local MPs – maybe they need to develop this caucus?


One thought on “The Chathams from space

  1. Must’ve made the wine’n’cheese invites interesting –
    “oh, and bring some muttonbirds or seals, if you can manage..”

    Has Russel visited yet? Don’t tell him I asked .. 😀

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