Can we have some of these please, Gerry?


Last Saturday a chap named Ian Carline received 392 votes as the ACT candidate in Invercargill electorate. But 5 of his climate change denying mates got into Parliament, and will be part of the next government in which Gerry (Sexy Coal) Brownlee is likely to be Minister of Energy.

Today a letter from the same Ian Carline appears in the Southland Times:

β€œ..we must have increased reliable supply from a cost effective, efficient source, that is not weather dependent like hydro and wind. Once again we come back to the obvious. Coal.”
– Ian Carline, Act candidate, Invercargill.


3 thoughts on “Can we have some of these please, Gerry?

  1. Perhaps he doesn’t know that most of the electricity is generated in the South Island already, and most of it is hydroelectric generation?

    Oh, and that quite a lot of it goes to the Tiwai Point Aluminium smelter, just outside his town? πŸ˜‰

    It’s only in Queenstown that they’re objecting to wind farms going up on ‘unspoilt landscapes’ in the Central Otago massif.
    Methinks the gentleman might protest too much …

  2. This is the same gentleman who attacked Russel Norman at the Queenstown Finance Leaders debate – his line? Russel is an Australian! Are Actoids being used as the sharp end of the rightwing wedge – pushing hard right ideas into the public arena so that National can come in behind and offer a ‘compromise’? I noticed a significant increase in this kind of rhetoric in the weeks leading up to the election and much of that aimed at the Greens.

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