Advice from Jim Anderton’s Progressive Party

The progressive party’s Prog Blog> notes, helpfully:

The Greens will be devastated. They would have hoped for 10%. They need to rethink what they are doing – the continual opposition to everything. Their self-marginalisation. They have kept themselves out of government repeatedly. It won’t be a surprise if they do a cooperation agreement with the new government.

Thanks Prog. We’ll take that advice firmly on board given your impressive ability to shrink your 1.16 percent of the vote last election to 0.93 percent this time.

3 thoughts on “Advice from Jim Anderton’s Progressive Party

  1. Well said, Steve.
    I’m still getting over the nausea induced by DPF gloating on TV on Saturday night .. finally did a swing round the blogs today, & he’s even more obnoxious in print.

    Oh, the spinning, it makes me dizzy …

  2. Actually, David Farrar is a nice guy. But it may be difficult for some to tell when viewing David through ideological lenses.

    But yes, JIm is an arrogant prat who is anything but gracious in ‘defeat’. He is simply licking his wounds and trying to deflect the pain.

    I predict the disappearance of the Progressives and United Future after 2011.

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