Before you vote…

For anyone who has enrolled late (like say, yesterday!) and does not have an EasyVote package, you can find the information presented in them at these webpages:

A list of polling places and candidates for each electorate. (The polls open at 9am and close at 7pm)

The party lists, so you know who you’re voting for when you vote for a given party.

How to make a special declaration vote. If you’ve enrolled late, you will not be on the printed electoral role, and will need to tell the electoral officials that you’re casting a special declaration vote because you missed enrollment before the printed roll.

Finally, to those who are already caught up: Please help other people have the confidence, security, and passion to vote! This goes double for young voters, who will really want to turn around the trend of not voting very often if they want to be catered for in this country’s decision-making. Please note that you’re not allowed to campaign on election day, so don’t try to convince anyone to Vote For Us. 🙂

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