Wellington Central National Candidate blooper ..

Ok, this one’s hardly news, and I guess most of us who’ve ever seen Stephen Franks Live will have heard him say this – but meh! I’m going to post it anyway. It’s from the Aro Valley Candidates Forum, on October 14, 2008, at Aro Valley Community Centre.

This is my unsteady-cam, barely edited own work, so be gentle with me, I don’t post much of my own video! He was responding to a query from incoming VUWSA exec member Freya Madeleine Eng, who asked about his quoted statement “I like my dog, but I wouldn’t want to marry him”.
This is about as homophobic as it gets, and Grant Robertson’s face in the background is a study in tolerance, as Stephen Franks digs his own shallow grave…


2 thoughts on “Wellington Central National Candidate blooper ..

  1. That was ‘grave’, metaphorically.

    Well, then you probably don’t live in Aro Valley…

    He’s not going to win any votes in the most liberal, highly educated, politicised and queer-friendly part of the Wellington Central electorate by being homophobic.

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