English: “…there still needs to be someone willing to pull the trigger.”

Just disgusting! And very revealing!

A recording featuring National Party Deputy Leader Bill English shown on TV3 tonight revealed that the National Party are really warmongers who would tag along on any US-led resource (read oil) war, and expressing his concern that Barak Obama, if elected President of the US as expected, might not play to the National Party agenda of leading foreign wars National could tag along with and get young New Zealanders killed in.

And as Irish Bill has just said over at The Standard, “It was also interesting to see that Bill English refused an interview to explain himself.”

This is revolting warmongering from English, and totally vindicates the Green Party’s position to not support National to lead a Government.

And given Obama’s likely election tomorrow, how much harm will English’s “cocktail party” comments do to NZ’s relations with the US if National leads the Government here.

You silly dork Bill, you might be a warmongering Tory, but for New Zealand’s sake if you are on the piss at least have the sense to keep your gob shut.


5 thoughts on “English: “…there still needs to be someone willing to pull the trigger.”

  1. or perhaps Green/Labour linked idiots could stop infiltrating other party’s events, lying about who they represent, secretly taping people AFTER they have goaded them into an unwanted topic by badgering the speaker.

    Obviously just a Green/Labour dirty tactic. Pity, because I thought you Greenies were above dirty tactics.

    But to say that the Nats would tag along on a ‘resource war’ is just stupid, because that is not what English said. At least don’t twist his words to match your beliefs. English is quite right- sometimes someone needs the guts to stand up for what is right, rather than simply play the isolationist, self-righteous fool. The poms and the yanks tried it prior to WW2 and it cost 20+ million lives. Of course, you probably still condemn the intervention in the Balkans in recent years.

    Don’t forget that it was the Democrats that took the Americans into WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and Somalia.

  2. toad,

    I think Bill English repsonse sums up quite succinctly, Nationals attitude towards the tape.

    “The public will see this for what it is, a desperate dirty trick three and a half days out from an election. It does not deserve to be dignified with any further response. National remains focused on what matters to New Zealanders.”

    It just does not deserve any response. Bit like Hagars claims.

  3. The Nats are no more warmongers than the Greens wish Saddam Hussein remained in power in Iraq. That is the logical deduction of YOUR policy, and I know it wouldn’t be true.

    The Nats capitulated to the mindless anti-nuclear policy in 1990, there is no secret agenda – unless you really think NZ should be universally neutral.

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