Chilling Effect?

So kiwiblog is harping on about a chilling effect on democracy. Well okay if being cold means that you can’t use money to influence the democracy process to benefit you or your interest group then I’ll happily put on a jersey. Seriously David. There are 20+ meet the candidates meeetings in Dunedin North. If you want to have a say then perhaps turning up to them would be a good start. Organising one yourself like Forest and Bird in conjunction with Sustainable Dunedin would be even better. Real democracy real people. Invite the media along and they might just print something about the event so that people who don’t come along can find out about what happened. Write a report and circulate to your membership.

Backbenchers are doing real well at publicising candidates debates. I would love to see more small town meetings publicised. Wouldn’t it be great if TVNZ got on board and in conjunction with local groups televised some meetings outside of the Wellington region. I would love to see local Alliance candidate Victor make an impassioned plea for us to raise taxes broadcast nationally to cheering aclaim from the audience.


2 thoughts on “Chilling Effect?

  1. My sympathies are with you, mate.

    There’s an easy way to deal with DPF.

    Don’t go to Kiwiblog. Ever.

    My peace of mind improved exponentially … 😉

    Ignoring the pathetic, oily, overweight and impoverished-of-personality journo is actually easier than you’d think. Even with living in Wellington …

  2. Sadly Katie, if we ignore him and his crowd of abusive followers, they gain traction with swing voters by misrepresenting us. At least, the ones who can stomach reading Kiwiblog comments.

    And I do like the weird aura of innocence that DPF projects, even if it’s the type of innocence that involves objectifying women >< What I mostly dislike is that he lets his followers generally run amock and enables some of the really sick behaviour from other people on the Right- like linking to smears from Whaleoil. Ewww.

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