A women’s view

I’ve been neglecting my feminist hideouts recently in favour of the election, but I caught up with The Hand Mirror today to see they’d started an excellent series of interviews about where New Zealand parties and candidates stand on relation to women’s issues.

After some discussion, Sue K tackled the general policy direction, but a large number of our candidates with experience in this area have weighed in. Here are the replies from some of our highly talented Green women:

Sue Kedgeley (our 5th list candidate) answers the more general policy questions 2-10, (including our 40/40 gender representation policy) and gives her own personal take.

Jan McLauchlan, 25th on our list, takes a broader view.

The highly intelligent Rayna Fahey, also known to some of us Green bloggers and blog-readers as Kakariki is our 27th list candidate, thinks there is too much emphasis on equality among feminists, and worries that deeper causes of inequality are going unfought. She also made some really cool cupcakes. 🙂

Lynette Vigrass (31st) is dismayed at the recent objectification of women in New Zealand, and worries that young women are burning out trying to have everything.

Donna Wynd (20th) is most worried about poverty, and the effect of tax cuts for the wealthy on women’s lower incomes. She also has a very good brief note about how the social work of women is largely ignored by society.

Mojo Mahers is our thirteenth list candidate, and if some of the more favourable polls carry over to the election, she may end up as one of our new list MPs. She is most concerned about domestic violence. She also notes the pressures on young girls, and the under-valuing of work done chiefly by women.

Finally, Catherine Delahunty (8th) will on current polling be one of our new Green MPs this election. She feels women’s biggest issue right now is the constant stress of trying to juggle jobs and parental/family responsibilities. She also has an interesting (although quite wordy!) note on how women in power are still not tackling the issues that really matter to the women voting for them.

5 thoughts on “A women’s view

  1. No problem, with the amount of work you’ve put in to interviewing people I think it deserves a plug!

    I was tossing up whether to link the index or not, but I figured people would find it if they wanted it, and the post was already long enough. 🙂

  2. That’s a great post, Ari, and I must check the Hand Mirror more often myself.

    *sigh* it’s bookmarked, I just haven’t had a lot of ‘reading other blogs’ time lately!

  3. *yawn* Still waking up <.< >.>

    I’m glad you think my lazy linking efforts are great. Obviously I should link to more people who have interesting stuff to say. 😉

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