9 thoughts on “Novel hoarding site!

  1. So do I!
    Prize (chocolate) to reader who can correctly identify which highway this is placed one. Clues: it is not Hawkes Bay and I didn’t put the hoarding up. The forest is rata-kamahi and the DOC sign is a Scenic Reserve.

  2. Looks like the West Coast to me. Wish we had a prime site like that!


  3. Good try southernrata, you’re in the right region, but not that highway. Keep trying. Quentin

  4. Hmmm. Long time since I’ve been to the Coast, but I’ll have a bat.

    SH67: Karamea – Westport.

    Actually, 20 years since I’ve been to Karamea, and don’t recall a lot of the forest composition on SH67, but somehow the road looks right.

    BTW, whether I’m right or wrong, I loved that “SH 67 Ends” sign that was just outside what used to be the Post Office that Richard Prebble had just closed when I was in Karamea in 1988. It really said it all!

  5. Bugger. southernrata beat me to it, and got it right.

    Guess I was attracted to SH67 because of the narrowness of the road, and because I wanted to tell my story of the Post Office closure.

    Can’t recall that spot on SH73, even though I’ve been thru there much more recently.

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