The Neanderthal Party

I’ve been surfing around through the bogus National Party billboards and discovered this one that I think deserves a few votes:

In Lockwood’s case, the description “neanderthal” is particularly appropriate. There is no place in today’s society for the “small hands and dirty butts” type of racial stereotyping he engaged in last week.

It is a bit more complicated with Maurice. I actually admire the man for telling the truth about National’s road tolls, and for letting everyone know that they will be at a level that eat up our tax cuts. It is a truth, however, that John Key does not want voters to hear.

Where Maurice is being neanderthalic though, is in his belief that more and more roads, whether tolled or not, are the answer. They don’t address congestion (as traffic volumes quickly expand to clog them), they result in increased greenhouse gas emissions, and are based on an unreal world view that oil supplies are unlimited.

So, in his own way, Maurice lives just as much in a “back to the future” universe as Lockwood does.

[EDIT] : Just seen a great Muppet Show parody featuring Lockwood and Maurice at The Standard.

I don’t have the skills to make and edit a video, but a Jurassic Park parody featuring Lockwood and Maurice is something that appeals. Anyone up for it?

1 thought on “The Neanderthal Party

  1. Archeological evidence suggests that Neanderthals in fact lived in fairly peaceful groups, where they minded their own business, helped each other when they were sick, and buried their dead. They had quite a sophisticated civilisation.

    So please, lets not insult our ancestors by comparing them with National Party politicians.

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