Greens on 11.5%

The latest Roy Morgan Poll has just been released.

And it has the Greens on 11.5%.

Yes, you read that right: 11.5%. That’s enough to get 13 Green MPs elected, or possibly even 15 if NZ First don’t make it.

EDIT: So here’s another of Tane’s lovely pie charts, courtesy of The Standard.


2 thoughts on “Greens on 11.5%

  1. Oh, how I love Roy Morgan polls.

    It’s such a shame they’re usually so far off the mark with the minor parties.

  2. Christopher, I accept that the Roy Morgan poll often over-rates smaller parties and under-rates National and Labour.

    The opposite could be said of the Colmar-Brunton poll. It all relates to the pollsters methodology.

    Traditionally, the TNS/TC3 one has probably been the most accurate as a predictor, although that is notwhat opinion polls attempt to do.

    Nevertheless, I think you could say that, looking across the polls, the Greens are on a bit of a roll, although probably a smaller one than Morgan suggests.

    Audrey Young from the NZ Herald seems to have that impression too.

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