The Nats’ internal debate – a man of integrity v a slimy racist weasel

I have to say “big ups” to Maurice Williamson. Like the Greens, he is honest and up front. Although I seriously disagree with his neo-liberal politics, I respect him for his honesty and integrity.

Sure, he has been put under pressure to downgrade the quantum of potential road tolls. So he went from an initial $5 to $3. But that is not enough for John Key. Key doesn’t want it quantified. For fear of scaring off voters, he wants uncertainty about the level of any potential road tolls if National leads the next government.

But good on Maurice, one of the few honest National politicians. He says it like it is, and we can make a choice whether to take it or leave it.

The other National politician in controversy today is Lockwood Smith. He comes from a very different place from Maurice.

Lockwood Smith’s comments today expose him as a racist – one of yesterday’s men that I hoped our electoral system would leave behind with the imminent demise of NZFirst and Winston Peters.

But, no, Lockwood could not resist. He had to dog-whistle to the vile racist underbelly of NZ society that has been Winston Peters’ domain for so long.

So for any readers considering voting National – which National Party do you support? Maurice Williamson’s one of principled right wing integrity, Lockwood Smith’s one of bigotred racism, or John Key’s one of just covering up the cracks.

If Key had any principles, Lockwood should have been dispatched to the back of the back benches today.

2 thoughts on “The Nats’ internal debate – a man of integrity v a slimy racist weasel

  1. So the Greens have nailed their colours to the mast and said they will support Labour. Labour have proposed options for three new major roads around Auckland to be tolled over the next few years.

    Will removal of these toll options be a bottom line for the Greens’ support of a Labour Government?

    Or is this another case of Labour Tolls Good, National Tolls Bad?

  2. Tim, I am not one of those conducting the negotiations, although I will be advising those who do.

    All I can say is that no bottom lines have been defined yet (apart from uncontrolled release of GE organisms, which has always been one).

    I have to say that bottom lines must be things of fundamental principle, so toll roads would not have prevented an agreement from the Greens to potentially support a National-led government.

    Where the Nats stuffed up particularly in terms of getting Green support was on their abject failure to addressing climate change and peak oil, their insistence on promoting the interests of developers ahead of those of the environment and affected individuals or groups, and their industral relations policy that will inevitably lead to lower (or no increase in) wages for some of our lowest paid an most vulnerable workers.

    If the Nats had wanted Green support, they should have addressed these issues. But now, unless they can get over 45% of the Party Vote, I suspect they will be struggling.

    I think it was a really dumb strategy of the Nats to roll out a policy programe that meant they could never get Green support.

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