Of Asian hands and toilet training

This wasn’t one of the factors taken into account when the Greens did their assessment of which of the larger parties they would prefer to form a Government, but it is further evidence we made the right choice.

National MP and Immigration Spokesperson Lockwood Smith was reported in the Marlborough Express yesterday:

“There are some skills in the vineyard that some people are perhaps better at. For example some of the pruning … some of the Asian workers have been more productive … because their hands are smaller.” Any changes would not mean reducing the number of Pacific Islanders coming in, he said. “It wouldn’t cut back because there’s such growth.”

Dr Smith also said employers should not be solely responsible for teaching or funding training preparing workers for life in New Zealand.

“Some of them are having to teach them things like how to use a toilet or shower … I don’t think the employer should have to pay for that work. I think if this is partly an aid scheme, the Government has to address how it’s involved in that.”

It is a timely reminder that racism is still alive and well in the National Party.

I guess that with the likelihood that NZFirst may not be in Parliament, Lockwood felt it necessary to reassure the bigots and rednecks that there would still be someone there to represent them.

UPDATE: And here is the reporters tape, which is just brilliant, given Lockwood’s comments about his earlier “secret tape”.

2 thoughts on “Of Asian hands and toilet training

  1. I see Lockwood has now been forced to follow his meal of dead fish with a large dessert of humble pie.

    It is not on the Nats’ website yet (and I suspect may never be) but he’s put out a media release this morning stating:

    Presented in the way they were, I can see that my reported comments may have caused offence. I sincerely regret that because it certainly was not my intention.

    [Edit: Lockwood’s grovelling apology is now on their website]

  2. The comments were not racist just stupid.

    Much like Parekura’s comments that kids going to school without breakfast were dieting.

    Honestly at times it makes you wonder if you added up the iqs of all the MPs in parliament you crack 1000

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