Zero Tolerance – this time in Christchurch East

A reader has just sent this in.

I thought you might be interested in those pictures and the story. I came across a car just being parked on a bus stop today (on Estuary Rd, just behind the Beatty St corner) while the South Brighton School fair was in full swing and Estuary Rd very busy.

I thought maybe the driver had overlooked that this was a bus stop and I asked him, as he was unloading young children from the car, if he realised this was a bus stop and that he shouldn’t park there. He replied that yes he could park there and in fact was doing so every day when dropping off his children. This left me flabbergasted (he’s not only doing this just once today? He’s doing it every day??). I went home and walked back soon after with my children wanting to go to the fair, the car was still parked there.

It was then that I took the pictures. Who was the driver? Aaron Gilmore, Chch East National Party candidate. Now what does this say about valuing Public Transport and our children’s safety?

I chose not to contact the Police on this occasion, but will do so if I come across this again.

So let the picture tell the story:

Wonder what his “Zero Tolerance” mates in ACT will think?

[Edit: I see it has also been sent to The Standard, who are having rather a lot of fun with it.]

3 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance – this time in Christchurch East

  1. And it is not just any old car but a sparkly SUV. Has it seen a gravel road recently? Let along left a road completely? What is the point!

    Christchurch is super flat so for you I have Three words:

    Ride a bike.

  2. Hiliarious – A good example of the Nat attitude to just about everything (Oh but that doesnt apply to us, we’re beyond that)

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