Never say never again

I was dissappointed to hear RNZ National this morning repeating the line I heard on the TV news last night. We didn’t completely rule out a deal with National. Take the press release

Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons says: “However our analysis showed us that on the whole National would take New Zealand in the wrong direction, in fact, many policies headed off down a dead end street. This means that we can not form a Government with National, or support them on confidence and supply, although we could work with them in areas where we have common ground.

Okay so what has been ruled out here? Supporting National on confidence and supply. So we can’t vote for them. Cool I don’t think I or most members of the party could stomach that anyway. Okay what about our current “relationship” with Labour. We abstain. Hmmm, that isn’t supporting the government. So I reckon we could do a deal with National by abstaining on confidence and supply in return for policy gains in areas where both parties agree. One possiblity maybe would be to say we’ll abstain if you don’t cancel any gains that we have made and make real progress on cleaning up our waterways keep NZ Nuclear Free well past lunchtime, invest more in public transport and no change in industrial relations leglislation, more money for DoC, no change to ACC, no privatisation of state assets and probably a few other iniatives.


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