All publicity is good publicity

I just spent a bit of the morning handing out leaflets in Kilbirnie where I met a man who proved the maxim that all publicity is indeed good publicity.  It turns out he is probably voting Green for two reasons.

The first is he saw a new story about political party leaders’ pets.  John Key had a cat and so on and so on.  But Jeanette Fitzsimons had a cow.  And he thought that was fairly impressive.

The second was that he had heard that Jeanette Fitzsimons had slept with Tim Shadbolt, and she was a good looking woman.  Then and now.

I thanked him for his vote.

2 thoughts on “All publicity is good publicity

  1. I’m pretty sure I saw that story in the Dompost; it was Sue Kedgley that was alleged to have been quoted as having stayed in Tim Shadbolt’s flat – after some kind of party in student days? – and the full story suggested a very drunken Tim and a very clothed Sue, somewhat of a different story to what was alluded to, I think.

    Not a very large amount of column inches, and I couldn’t find it by searching the website; Thursday’s paper, I think.

  2. I know that it was published on the front page of the week before last (5/10/08) Sunday Star Times

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