Zero tolerence for emmisions – or literacy!

Hat tip: Public Address


4 thoughts on “Zero tolerence for emmisions – or literacy!

  1. I think it says:

    The emmissions trading scheme will ruin New Zealand.

    Party Vote Act if you are serious about Law and Order.

  2. The Green Party: Ruining New Zealand to save your Farm, Business, and Family!

    You think that’d make a good slogan? 😛

  3. How about zero tolerance to GMO food?

    This CO2 stuff is not understood yet. Granted your hearts are in the right place but following the IPCC is not in the best interests of NZ or this planet. They are a political organisation first, scientific second. Basically the IPCC spews propaganda posing as scientific analysis.

    Meanwhile NZ sperm counts are down, more than any other country (1987 – 2007), we have no idea what we are eating, a war has been declared on the natural health industry… etc etc.

    But these “greens” want to save the planet. I guess protecting the NZ environment is too difficult so they prescribe to the church of Al Gore propaganda.

    Peak oil is an absolute hoax. We’ve explored 10% of the planet. The greens must think we are stupid.

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