A view of the campaign from National Office.

In a departure from my usual seemingly flippant tone, I am now going to put in a plug for the amount of grinding hard work that is going on during the last weeks of this election campaign.

After a protest (accepted), I got acquiescence from two pivotal members of our National Office team to publish “working hard at it” photo’s along with a brief blurb about just what is going on.

With only 3-weeks-and-a-day to go until polling day, and MP’s and new candidates scattered all over the country campaigning in local electorates, the impetus to keep branches served with literature, merchandise and campaigning tools (buttons/badges, stickers, you know the drill) has been strongly defended this week, with your truly adding her past retailing experience to the business of packing up and despatching orders, under the relieved eyes of Michael Pringle and Gareth Hughes.

Michael responding to all those e-mails.

Michael responding to all those e-mails.

Co-ordination of the more complicated machinations of the campaign strategies has been in the hands of Gary Reese, the fresh new face running the National campaign, who came to us with experience gained from working in Amnesty International New Zealand. Despite my tendency to only tag him on FB whilst at a Green function involving drinking, he’s been hectically busy, and told me yesterday that he ‘wasn’t at work’ so I couldn’t take his picture. Then sat down and answered a bunch of correspondence … so today, he had used his ‘I don’t look good’ card, and was mercilessly exposed for the delectation of our readership.

Gary in his exceptionally well-organised workspace.

Gary in his exceptionally well-organised workspace.

Quite a different look from the campaign manager’s desk last time, eh Russ?

If only we’d had g-blog last time we were campaigning – doesn’t seem that long ago that the ‘Greenspin’ CD-Rom was our finest hour; now we’re loading up videos onto You-Tube and posting them to Facebook, as well as campaigning traditionally with stalls and mall-walks. Go the viral marketing to catch the younger set of voters who’ve sprung up since 2005, and are much more savvy than even uni students 3 years ago; and the lovely TV adverts (I love Jess Chambers’ voice, so this particularly pleases me!), and the campaigning happening in London, Melbourne, and other parts far-flung, where ex-pat Kiwi’s can be found.

So I’ll end this post with a shout-out to my sister-in-crime from campaigns past – enjoy the pix, Rayna! – and a little encouragement to all campaigners: now is when we really get by with some help from our friends!


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