One for the political geeks!

Canada’s Election Results are rolling in as I type!!!

You can check them out here and here (Though I think this site is suffering from a bit of overload currently!) Hope elections has prepared for this here.

You might remember an earlier post about Guelph you can find results for Guelph here. As it stands the green candidate is polling third but hardly any of the booths are in and I have no idea if Greens will do better at the start or end! Lets hope the latter!

[Update: Guelph hasn’t gone Green 😦 CBC has declared it for the Liberals.]

5 thoughts on “One for the political geeks!

  1. To add to my frustration Bloc Quebecois with 9% of the vote currently is projected to get 50 seats. NDP with 18 percent is projected to get 37 seats. It’s a farce.

  2. np.

    Yeah. Pretty much sums it up. So much more noticable than with the two party system.

  3. @stevedore: Not surprising about BQ. With candidates in only Québec, they’ll never get a high proportion of popular vote. I was disappointed to see Elizabeth May lose in her riding. I was hoping for a Green MP to colour the field a bit, especially since she barely made it into the leaders’ debate.

    Convincing the bulk of Canada to accept MMP is nearly impossible. The province of Ontario tried and failed already.

  4. I met a Canadian couple in Auckland while on holiday, they seemed surprised that nothing had appeared in the press here about their elections. I said we’d been swamped by the USA shenanigans, to which they responded, “so have we”.

    I’m underwhelmed by the NZ press coverage of local political news, compared to the fulsome analysis of the Obama-McCain race.
    Although I guess Jeanette can live without paparazzi camped on her front lawn, trying to get pix of her family! ( can we all …)

    I’ll be posting again soon, just getting over the travel-lag. 😉

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