On the Ground in Dunedin @ NZVOTES

Rocked on up to the NZvotes forum last night. Thanks to the Maxim instute for putting together a forum that wasn’t actually that bad. Sure they didn’t ask my patsy question – but hey it wasn’t that great anyway. On the panel were: Judy Turner, Michael Woodhouse National, Ron Mark, Metiria and Hillary Culvert ACT.

The Awesome Victor Billot Alliance and the Dunedin South Candidate for the Kiwi Party Philip Wescombe were allowed a brief introduction. Which was nice. Personally I would have preferred to see them on the panel – not that it slowed down Victor who would jump up from his seat with a “Oh I would love to answer that question”. Generally this ended up with ACT getting a verbal smack down. Although about half way through question time Micheal Woodhouse – who had been doing a good job of I’m a reasonable business man speaking politely giving a nice presentation – couldn’t restrain himself and entered the fray. Unfortunately for him he was somewhat outnumbered. With Ron Mark and Metiria double teaming him with occasional input from the United Future Rep.

The audience was hard to pick – I come from a somewhat biased position. The left had some support but the few times the right got support I would judge it was more widespread. Whether this was due to more support or issues gaining support being centrist so picking up support from both sides.

So all in all hard to call.

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