OMG! He’s like, so hot and stuff!

Could there be a bigger waste of carbon and bandwidth than Rachel Glucina and her “Spy” column in the Herald?

Today’s column has to take the cake, although it’s followed closely by a recent journalistic zinger that Richard Worth might be going through a mid life crisis because he was in a Harley-Davidson shop. OMG! No WAAAY Shut UP!

No, today’s was a doozy:

So like, why are politicians, like, not hot?

Come on! Is this woman for real? Can she find anything floating around up there that’s not some mindless claptrap? I don’t need to state the obvious but I will. It actually doesn’t matter what politicians look like because…well…they’re not running in a beauty contest, or vying to be photographed at some wannabe celebrity event in the foyer of Alexandra Park or at some random bar in the viaduct.

It’s called an election. It’s where ideas are exchanged and argued and discussed, not sultry looks or pouty lips.

OMG but that’s like, so boring and stuff! I mean, like, who cares, like whatever!

Oy Vay!

1 thought on “OMG! He’s like, so hot and stuff!

  1. .. seconded.

    Is it just me, or is intelligent thinking becoming so unfashionable that young things who write must by default have no interest in polysyllablic utterances longer than 3 words?

    I have to say that my socialisation by loads of very pleasant Young Greens has led me to expect the opposite.

    It’s always a shock to listen to a moron in a pretty outfit say something mindless, with complete internal conviction that it’s all ok, because she’s wearing the latest style of sneakers/heels/jeans/haircut, which daddy paid for via the unlimited Gold Visa card ..

    Ok, I saw a bad example of it at the Candidates Forum in Aro last night and I’m still sarcastic, cynical & depressed about it.
    Go on, look at my FB pix, you’ll find her sharpish … and I captioned it very politely, too!

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