Universal Student Allowance – why did it take Labour so long?

So Labour have finally decided to support a Univeral Student Allowance.

The question I have is why did it take them so long? They have led the Government for 9 years, and have had plenty of opportunity to do this before. We need to keep our brightest and most entrepreneurial New Zealanders in New Zealand, but Labour have spent the last 9 years encouraging them, as National did before, to work overseas, at least until they earn can an income sufficient that their loan repayments are not an impediment to them living here.

The costs of National and Labour policies over that period are enormous: – our brightest graduates working overseas to the deteriment of innovative industry here, and consequently paying no tax in New Zealand, thereby depleting the tax base that is necessary to provide essential services.

The question I have for Labour is why has this taken 9 years?

The question I have for voters is who do you trust more on this issue – Labour (who discovered it today) or the Greens (who have been advocating it since they began as a political party in 1990)?

2 thoughts on “Universal Student Allowance – why did it take Labour so long?

  1. Labour – there were a few intergenerational things left over from previous decades that needed a lot of fixing first. They took a lot of money. Those don’t seem to have been a priority in Green policy.

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