Silly hats

Key’s predecessor Don Brash had an unfortunate habit of getting caught in regrettable photo shoots.  It probably didn’t cost him job, but it certainly didn’t help.  Until recently Key had avoided the ‘silly hats’ trap of photo shoots.  But today there was this, in a story about National cutting back it’s health promises:

John Key
International financier or Monty Python gumby?
Anyway, I reckon recession is exactly the time you would want to be investing in public health care rather than cutting back on promises.

3 thoughts on “Silly hats

  1. Thanks for resurrecting the “Walking the Plank” pics stevedore – my favourite moment from the 2005 election campaign, and no doubt Brash’s most embarassing one.

  2. You’re right, stevedore – I got the timing confused. It is still my favourite memory of Brash though.

    And while I’m making amends for my error, I’ll also concede it would not have been Brash’s most embarassing moment either. That would have been at the end of the 2005 election campaign when he was caught out telling lies about his dealings with the Exclusive Brethren.

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