Our Criteria

For those not entirely in the loop, the Green Party has just posted our criteria for our preferred coalition partner on the Green website. These criteria all derive from our four policy pillars. (Peace & Nonviolence, Social Responsibility, Ecological Wisdom, and Democracy & Appropriate Decision-making1)

Here’s what we want to know about Labour and National’s policies:

  • Will they reduce NZ’s oil dependence and climate change emissions?
  • How much will they improve public transport and the rail system?
  • How will they clean up our waterways?
  • How will they increase protection of threatened species and ecosystems, including marine?
  • Will they improve local food security, keep NZ farming and environment GE free and support organic growing?
  • How will they reduce child poverty and reduce violence against children?
  • What will they do to form a genuine partnership with Maori under the Treaty?
  • To what extent will they make education free and accessible?
  • How will they protect our national sovereignty from overseas ownership of land and strategic assets; and, will they keep us out of foreign wars?
  • Will they protect public healthcare, and invest in preventative health measures to keep us healthy and well?
  • Will they protect workers’ rights and raise the minimum wage?
  • How will they protect democracy and civil rights?

For all you more right-leaning greens, I’m afraid this looks pretty grim for National- the only criteria where Labour isn’t very strong compared with them is the last one.

1“Appropriate Decision-making” refers to two things: a decentralised, grassroots democracy, and people who are effected by decisions having the first say.


4 thoughts on “Our Criteria

  1. I’m guessing preventing extinctions and increasing protection of threatened species is the more urgent expression of that general principle, Leopold. 🙂

  2. Still seems to me you’re letting off Party X a bit too easily. IF Roy Morgan is not wildly off-track it could be a close election – you have a real opportunity to do some hard bargaining

  3. Honestly, I think the criteria as they are form a good solid basis for hard bargaining, assuming we can get a really good answer for each. Whether we let Party X off relatively easily (we’ve generally come out with a lot from negotiations with Labour these last few terms- whether this is them being generous or not is up to your judgement) would probably depend very much on what Party Y is doing, I imagine.

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