They like us, they really like us?

Excuse me for being insulted that Helen Clark has taken so long to say she’s kinda keen on having the Greens in her next government.

The time to say that was right after the last election. I mean, it’s nice for the centrist voters to know that someone who’s actually trustworthy1 would potentially be keeping the Left honest if we manage to claw back National this time around, but saying that now? That’s going to be taken as cynical election-time promises, not a statement of sincere principle. Not to mention that the real apology statement of preference that needs to be given is to the New Zealand public for the pollution of our waterways and the half-hearted attempt at climate change policy.

And note to the Herald: Giving Peter Dunne printspace on an article that is about the Greens and Labour, and then not giving the people the actual article is about a rebuttal? Not cool, and making your unacknowledged bias towards centre-right politics quite clear2. At least you had the decency to make it clear that NZF and UF locked us out of government this term, though.

1Or at least, hasn’t faced the privileges committee. 😉
2Having a bias is fine so long as you try to keep it as subtle as possible and acknowledge that it exists. Most of our print media fails at this rather spectacularly, sadly.


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