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There are two significant costs in the private provision of public services. The first is the risk premium demanded by the private provider, a premium that is always born by the taxpayer. The second is the cost of monitoring the performance of the private provider.

  1. How much was the company fined for trips missed on Thursday 25 September when NZBUS locked out their staff?
  2. What efficiency gains, if any, have there been from the private provision of public transport services in Wellington, and what proportion can be attributed to cost cutting and a reduction in the wages and conditions of the employees.

A Tramways Union delegate noted that if the company meets the driver’s claim it will still mean that a driver with one year’s service will still only receive $14.20 an hour. Surely this is not out of line with the wages of other workers in similar industries?”….

As Greater Wellington proceeds through its review of Wellington’s public transport services, we must ensure that not only does the network provide the range and frequency required to enable people to leave their cars at home, and that the buses and trains are powered by renewable energy forms, but that those that are working at the shop face, have the conditions of work and remuneration that will ensure a quality service.

A review of the entire Wellington city public transport operation will take place over the next 9 months, with implementation by June 2010. The contact person for the of Wellington Services review is Adam Lawrence (mailto:adam.lawrence@gw.govt.nz). See the report.

Well… so of us were out cycling and walking when the buses weren’t running, and we could have more of that too…. If you haven’t caught up… visit the website.

and join us at a public meeting on 12th October.

Great Harbour Way

Great Harbour Way

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