Bus hoons

This was the excitement on my street this weekend:

Two buses crashing head-on in Wellington was not a surprise to residents at the scene, who said a combination of blind corners and “hooning” bus drivers made it “an accident about to happen”.

I’ve got a friend who calls this bus route the bus ride of terror. The bus drivers hoon along our ridge-top street. The car drivers hoon.  The motorcyclists hoon.  The SUV drivers hoon like you wouldn’t believe.  Even I occasionally rev the handle bars on my bicycle and hoon and holler down the hill.

But I reckon part of the problem is not drivers, but street design.  There are either cars parked all over the footpath, making it impossible for baby prams and wheelchairs to get past, or they are parked on the road reducing the space and visability on the many blind corners.  The other problem is the speed limit.  Two cars travelling towards each other at 50km on blind corners makes for quite a loud ‘boom’. A boom that gave my kid a nightmare. The road is only 2 kms long. Going at 30 km an hour instead of 50km, such as on Willis St at present, would lose a driver 42 seconds at most.


3 thoughts on “Bus hoons

  1. Ouch!

    Wonder if this will come up at the wage-negotiation meetings, LOL, ‘cos it definitely comes under ‘hazardous conditions of work’ in the ECA.

  2. Assuming you’re on the same route as I am… the other part of the problem is that a lot of the Wellington routes are “efficiently” timetabled. (read: they leave so little time between stops that if there’s even moderate traffic or necessity to pick up passengers, the drivers need to go too fast in order to stay on schedule)

    Part of the reason they have a staffing problem- people put on the more “efficient” routes find it harder to meet their targets and get burnt out, even if they’re actually good drivers.

  3. About to test the local loops on North Shore (as a visitor to Aucks) so I’ll have something to compare my usual experience of public transport with, soon.

    Maybe this will inspire me to actually write a post while I’m ‘holidaying’. 😉

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